The Maybourne Papers are a thrice-yearly series of newspapers produced for the Maybourne group, owners of Claridge’s, the Connaught and the Berkeley. Now in their ninth issue, Construct design, edit and provide the Editor’s opinion pieces for each newspaper.

This is another example of Construct pushing the boundaries of a design studio’s involvement in client projects. With design and editorial content by Construct, each of the three newspapers for Claridge’s, the Connaught and the Berkeley has a distinct tone of voice but shared design elements that quietly reinforce their mutual Maybourne Hotel Group ownership. The thrice-yearly newspapers are for guests, and enjoy a print run 30,000 shipped around the world.

These newsletters challenge the perception of luxury, usually associated with glossy brochures and expensive coated papers. The Maybourne Papers are printed only using black and one special finish, they are printed on 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper, yet they convey a sense of intelligent luxury through the content and exquisite design.


Construct’s no-nonsense insider's guide, ‘You Are Where You Eat’, celebrates food and drink at Claridge’s, the Connaught and the Berkeley. The pocket Moleskine-esque volume covers sophisticated drinking and eating in the capital seven days a week, from power breakfasts and scintillating cocktails at the Berkeley, leisurely lunches and traditional high teas at Claridge’s, to gourmet dining and fine wines at the Connaught. All in a pocket-sized guide that is placed in every one of the three hotels' rooms for guests to take away with them.


The Season was created to provide Maybourne with an additional inspirational communication platform which directly links it to the UK’s ‘season’ of activities and events which are of interest to Maybourne’s customers. Bringing a broad mix of events and activities and an engaging editorial style, The Season puts the group’s hotels centre stage in the UK’s summer season.

Construct annually publishes The Season with The Maybourne Group including Editorial content, Design and Print Management. The website was created alongside the publication and is updated with new editorial content throughout the year.


A carefully edited showcase of what is happening 'Now, Next and Later,' The Season Edit, is a printed version of The Season website created to bring the Maybourne brand to the attention of a wider audience, drive traffic to the Season website and build awareness of the initiative.

Provided to VIP guests of sponsored events, the booklet offers culturally rich content emphasising the group's status as Editor of the British Social Calendar and, in turn, strengthens the Maybourne brand.

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