Le Kasha

Le Kasha have been creating the world’s most luxurious cashmeres for generations. Supplier to Coco Chanel and the label of choice for Europe’s early 20th Century jet set, the brand blends unique craft and quality with a pioneering, adventurous spirit.

Brought to life for the 21st Century by Mali Marciano, the result is a covetable collection of decadently simple cashmere for the seasoned traveller. We all want to wear the cashmere all-in-one while making an epic journey on the trans-Siberian express with only a trunk full of novels for company

Construct were appointed to craft a contemporary identity from the heritage of the Le Kasha brand. The logotype is a unique, bold, dynamic word marque reflecting the confidence of the era in which Le Kasha was born. The brand’s iconic illustration has been retained and carefully re-drawn for use on product labels and in communications. The palette is ivory and black, simple, luxurious, natural materials are used to bring the brand to life and a brand signature map has been created as a flexible graphic device communicating the brands adventurous spirit and focus on the needs of a nomadic modern luxury customer.

"L’agence Construct a su moderniser l’image de ma marque, lui redonner un nouveau souffle tout en respectant son héritage. Très à l'écoute du client, l’équipe est aussi talentueuse qu’accueillante. Le résultat est parfait: un mélange d’élégance, de modernité et d'intégrité."

"Construct managed to modernise my brand image and to breathe new life into the brand while respecting its heritage. Listening closely to their clients, the team is as talented as welcoming. The result is just perfect: a combination of elegance, modernity and integrity."

— Mali Marciano, Founder of Le Kasha

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