The Art of Fashion

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A couple of weeks ago Construct were invited to a talk hosted by Harvey Nichols entitled ‘The Art of Style.’ The topic of discussion… ‘What is the link between art and fashion?’ and ‘What influence does art have upon fashion?’

Whilst there are many incredible references for debate, instantly Hussein Chalayan was a name that sprang to mind. 

I think of fashion as an art form as well as an industrial product - and something that has to be sold well and has to be of high quality.
Hussein Chalayan

On the back of Paris fashion week and in an age where luxury brands are heavily investing in digital and a ‘shareable moment,’ how does one cut through the noise?

Renowned for continually blurring the lines between fashion, art and technology, Hussein Chalayan did just this. At Paris Fashion Week SS16 the designer stunned the audience with a show that bordered on performance art, come scientific experiment… Two models wearing white thigh-length jackets stood on podiums in the centre of the catwalk as water poured down from above the clothes began to disintegrate and fall away as if made from tissue. The dresses revealed underneath were patterned with lines of thick black stitching and appliqué white petal shapes, each of which had clear jewels attached below.

Photography by Dan Lecca and Jason Lloyd-Evans

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Crafted by Gummi Artisans

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When not crafting beautiful brands with the Construct team, one of our designers has a blossoming obsession with statues. Citing Matt Groening as an influence, the figures seem to have lost their classic reverence and artistic grace… but they look kinda funny. @gummidemilo