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There are moments in life and people you come across that make you think differently and change your perspective somewhat, and we had the pleasure of such a moment last night with our friends at Folk during their latest Karma Dinner.  Guest speaker and fearless adventurer Andrew Kirkpatrick held us captive with his tales of scaling 1000m walls singlehandedly, on being an outside-of-the-box thinker, and the merits of having a positive mental attitude.  He also happens to be one of the funniest and off the wall speakers I’ve certainly had the pleasure of seeing to date.  


Thank you to Andy for the hilarious and thoughtful talk and of course to Folk for the kind invitation. Watch Andy in action in this Tedx talk below.

This week we welcomed our friends from Port Magazine...

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... who took over our meeting room to shoot a series of talking heads featuring celebrities, academics and the explorer Ben Saunders (ably assisted by his dog Holly) to talk about adventure, exploration and discovery for the launch of their new magazine Avaunt which will be out next month. 

Total Eclipse - Totally Missed

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This morning we gathered on the rooftop of our offices in the heart of the west end. With coffees and croissants in hand, excitingly waiting for the eclipse. However, Mother Nature was not on our side and gifted us with a thick blanket of grey cloud. Whilst the sky was slightly darker than usual we unfortunately missed most of the eclipse.

But all was not lost as we discovered a hidden roof top community and we even managed to meet some of our roof top neighbours too! These pictures do not capture the full character of the home made potted roof top gardens and beautifully abstract stairwells, but we can assure you that this was a nice contrast to the usual hustle and bustle of the west end.