Irma, the Book Architect

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We love Irma Boom. Irma, one of the world’s foremost book designers, developed many of the most beautiful books that have been produced in recent years. She is the youngest person ever to receive the prestigious Gutenberg Prize for a body of work.


“I compare my work to architecture. I don’t build villas, I build social housing. The books are industrially made and they need to be made very well. I am all for industrial production. I hate one-offs. On one book you can do anything, but if you do a print run, that is a challenge. It’s never art. Never, never, never.”

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Irma has an experimental approach to formats, building small-scale 3D models/mock-ups while she works to help visualise the finished project, plunging the design process closer to architecture than graphic design.


“The small books allow me to easily check the structure of the book—the distribution of text and images—because the small format is handier to deal with. (…) But I am not a small book fetishist—the models are working tools for me.”

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Irma distinguishes her work by her willingness to innovate and take risks. And she always ensures that the aesthetic impact of her design is empathetic with the content of each book.


Welcome to the fabulous world of Irma Boom !


Charlotte Trounce - Fashion Illustrations

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This week Construct is enjoying London based illustrator Charlotte Trounce fashion illustrations.

Charlotte plays with line and color to represent some of fashions well-known brands. Her playful approach is intriguing and so very satisfying on the eye.

It is so refreshing to see a different representation to the usual fashion campaign





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As Londoner’s share the stresses of the tube strike today there is a great sense of community as strangers choose to share taxis and make extra room for the people who may get left behind. But will we remeber these strangers tomorrow? Will we take the time to notice the same people who share our daily commute or the workers such as ‘Sx’ that help us get through when the trains do run on time…?

‘Sx’, a London Underground worker posts a ‘thought of the day' every single day that is failed to be appreciated by thousands of commuters consumed by their daily routines. Keep a watch out for the sweet snippet that ‘Sx’ chooses to share with us each day and appreciate the small things people choose to share with us, we never know what impact they will have or where they will take you during your day.