An alternative canvas for creativity

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São Paulo-based interior designer Ana Strumpf shows how fashion magazines can also be used as a canvas for creativity.

Construct's love for fashion and illustration coincides with Ana's style that brings these worlds together.


(Images courtesy of Ana Strumpf)

Tomorrow's World?

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Georgia's latest column for Luxury Briefing.

“What Louis Vuitton did in a hundred years, Apple will do in 10, that path from early innovator to established luxury brand accelerated for the digital age."


Types of language

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We recently spent four days in Berlin for our Construct field trip to Erik Spiekermann’s letterpress workshop, p98a. When not choosing typefaces and inking rollers, we spent time getting lost in Kreuzberg and Neukölln and delving into German culture.

Other than it's rich heritage in engineering, castles and sausage, Germany has a pretty creative list of expressions and idioms that we've recently discovered are even more hilarious when translated directly into English. At Construct, we love a creative distortion or disruption of sorts, especially when it occurs naturally.  When passed through the Anglo Saxon filter, some of these are absolute linguistic gold. There are hundreds, but here are a few favourites that carry a certain artistic poignancy.