Sweet Fun

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We love chocolate and who doesn’t?
There is so much variety to cater for your personal preference, we are spoilt for choice. 

British chocolate brand 'ChocStars’ is the novelty range of gift chocolate created by the founder
of 'Chocolate and Love’ brand and it’s tasty as well as fun. It is meant to be given as a gift. The back of every package has a 'To' and 'From' section for that reason. It's something you give to a friend,
it's a chocolate which is also a gift card and it's guaranteed to put a smile on your friend’s face.
The fashionable pug is our current favourite.

Guilty Pleasures

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Have you discovered the school of Lifes' short films series?

Thought provoking and amusing in equal measure, the best make us face up to some uncomfortable truths and less than productive habits. This is one of my favourites:

secret thoughts: I’m so busy

The digital universe has given us the opportunity to increase our productivity exponentially however most of us fail to do so, instead finding ourselves wasting the time we had saved in pointless digital pursuits. We all have these guilty pleasures, I thought I would share some of mine!

Now back to work, I’m terribly busy don’t you know!



credit: themodernhouse.net

‘How High the moon’
Shiro Kuramata 1980


‘The Swimmers’
Halley Johnson 1934


Melissa Joy Manning
Raw Hermatite and Agate Necklace