Think different!

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Creativity is one of the few skills we are born with but we have to fight hard not to loose it.

At the age of five we are using about 80% of our creative potential, after a few years in the school system this has dropped to about 2% of our potential and for most people this is where it stays for the rest of their lives.

The price of living in the modern world is conformity. We are taught very early not to frighten people with our creativity and pretty soon we loose the ability to question and to invent.

The value of creativity is only just beginning to be recognised, so too the connection between creativity and intelligence

Creativity needs to be practised, creativity fades if it’s not regularly exercised and far too few in the creative professions are practicing their creativity

To return to the power of your five year old self you must practice all the time. Innovate for the fun of it, take a different route, look out of the window, read, think and draw. Talk to people you don’t know and travel to places you’ve never been...


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The world of blogs and social media are overflowing with imagery and often you stumble across some real gems by sheer coincidence. While images speak louder than words when combined with the right typeface, the result can be unexpected. This got us thinking… if dogs inspired typefaces, what they would be?


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May Day Sweeps

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Pearly Kings and Queens, gothic morris dancers, chimney sweeps and steam punk accordion players ... it could only be the Rochester Sweeps Festival.

A cheery troop of morris dancers is more than happy to pose for the camera.

The fete takes place within the castle grounds as well and it's always fun to see a chimney sweep on the carousel.

Morris dancers perform along the length of Rochester high street thoughout the three-day event.

The costumes range from very traditional to completely wacky.

Each troop is different and crowds gather to watch all the variations of morris dance.